Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Decade of Experience in Collegiate Sports and Tactical Performance Environments.

Walker Howard

As a human performance professional, my goal is to not just develop individuals who are physically capable to handle the tasks life throws at them, but rather develop individuals that are accountable, passionate, ambitious, and carry themselves with a high level of self-confidence and self-discipline.

These fundamental qualities establish a mindset conducive to physical and psychological health, which are exemplified within my own personal philosophy as a human and as a coach.

For the past 10 years, I have spent time in both the collegiate strength and conditioning and tactical strength and conditioning environments. I have had the pleasure and the privilege to serve for four different Division I athletic programs as well as assist with the physical training of the world’s best fighting force, the US Army.

During this time, I have worked with hundreds, if not into the thousands, of individuals with varying levels of fitness background. I have assisted in developing the physical tools that have taken student-athletes into the NFL, NBA, MLS, Olympics, and a host of other professional athletics leagues. Some individuals have come to me with years of training experience; others not so much. In my career, I have even served foreign athletes and clients who have limited and even zero experience in a gym.

During my time as a student at Iowa State University, I was able to try-out and earn a spot on the varsity cheer team. In addition to being a member of the team, I ran the strength and conditioning program for the men’s cheerleading squad. This included strength training, flexibility/mobility, conditioning, and skill-based work to help the team succeed. After that, I moved into a role on the Iowa State Strength and Conditioning Staff, before moving onto Montana State, the University of Wyoming, and most recently working at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. After moving on from Drake, I now serve as a strength and conditioning coach and consultant for the United States Army. From golf to football, to military, to working parents, I have had the chance to work with individuals and groups from many different walks of life. These experiences have given me tools and knowledge to help anyone reach their specific health and fitness goals.

As a strength and conditioning professional, I’ve been able to put what I’ve learned
as a coach, student-athlete, and kinesiology student into practice. I am a results-oriented individual who enjoys challenges and is known for getting the job done. Given the opportunity, I would be committed to you and use my knowledge, skills, experience, and talent to help you succeed and crush your goals.