NASM Certified Personal Trainer


I grew up participating and excelling in many sports all the way from the elementary to collegiate level. Deciding to change the direction of my life I put a hold on all of the athletics. It would be many years later that I found myself racing sailboats and going on century bike rides. On a whim I was asked to participate in a team triathlon to do the one mile swim leg. I only had experience swimming from high school and never did any long distances. So I had my work cut out for me….teach myself to open water swim one mile in four months with a competitive time. After that I was drawn to triathlon. The part that captured me was the enduring. Same reason why I was an avid sailboat racer. I quickly learned that once you get past the physical part it’s all mental. When your mind is strong your body will follow. This mindset and perseverance is what I took into my own weight training. At first I took the NASM Certified Personal Trainer course for my own knowledge to enlighten my training. I also sought out a trainer myself. Some years later I ended up working at Annapolis Fitness and Performance as a group, semi-private and personal training coach. It was during this time I realized my true passion is to help people get mind and body strong.

I have assisted in many journeys from fat loss/physique, strength, triathlon/sports and mountaineering. Also I’ve helped some people who just want to be able to get off the toilet when they’re 90.

Whatever your ambition might be I believe that consistency over time towards a goal equals results.