Dynamic Trainer

Matt Salzman

Matt Salzman is a dynamic trainer,body worker and bio-mechanics specialist with a powerful approach to regenerating and revitalizing the body. His intuitive method utilizes a combination of treatment and training. He style could be described as functional bodybuilding with a emphasis on running and throwing mechanics because efficient biomechanics leads to better posture and pain free sustainable training. This approach is effective for whatever your fitness goals may be. The aim is always to become more athletic. Matt has a diverse background in athletics, rehab, strength and conditioning. Matt spent the last 4 years working with pro and amateur boxers at Arcaro Boxing.

Matt’s manual therapy focuses on but is not limited to Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point/Neuro-MuscularTechnique, Shiatsu, and Active Release Technique. Matt has been using IASTM or Scrapping and Dynamic Cupping for about 6+ years. His unique tool based therapy is very effective and blends well with his training style. His treatments clear the way for new functional mechanical adaptations resulting in elimination of pain and an increase in efficient movement.

Matt is very skilled in rehabilitation work and has proven to successful even with the toughest of chronic cases.

  • Licensed Massage Practitioner – 7+ years experience
  • Specialize in treatment work that utilizes tools, cups, scrapers
  • Massage and Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Patterns Human Foundations certified – HBS3
  • 15+years of Personal Training and movement coaching
  • Lifetime of athletics, movement, rehab, health and wellness
  • Certified Nutrition Coach – Integrative Nutrition
  • B.S. in Biology (psychology minor)

His practice is a blending of manual therapy and functional training. Training approach can be described as Functional/Athletic/bodybuilding/ strength and conditioning protocols and methods. He strengthens his clients with movements and mechanics that respect human biology and nature.