Co-Founder Master Personal Trainer

Drew Hartman

Drew uses his skills and experience to train a broad range of clientele, including military personnel, firefighters, SWAT members, law enforcement, and anyone who wants to have complete control of their lives.

I use performance-based techniques to help my clients achieve their fitness goals, with a focus on improving overall health and confidence. I combine strength training, nutrition and conditioning with mindset advice, preparing you both physically and mentally to crush your fitness goals. This goes way beyond just bodybuilding.

I am a group fitness instructor and passionate personal trainer with years of experience working successfully with hundreds of clients – from professional athletes to military personnel, healthcare professionals, first responders, CEOs, and Moms.

My journey to becoming a professional athlete and fitness trainer began with the desire to change my own life. At 19 years old, I tipped the scale at 225 lbs. I lacked confidence, felt sluggish, and had low self-esteem. I summoned every ounce of courage I possessed and promised myself to embrace a completely new lifestyle. My first step was to join a local gym.

I quickly found self-determination and willpower were traits I could create for myself. Through rigorous training, hard work, discipline, and lifestyle changes, I achieve my weight-loss goal of 190lbs in just 9 months.

My hard work and determination paid off!

I earned the opportunity to join a Powerlifting Team. I trained and learned from two of the world’s most famous record-holding competitors; Will Crossen Jr. and Will Crossen III. Fueled with new passion and willpower, I decided to compete in the World Association of Bench and Deadlift (WABDL).

For the next three years, I competed at local and national Powerlifting competitions, constantly improving my lifts. I developed greater confidence and willpower. And that is the beginning of my journey as a coach. I completely devoted my time to coaching others in strength training, powerlifting, and conditioning.

I earned my International Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification. I soon became an Accredited Bodybuilding Coach and added a Certification in Sports Nutrition.

  • ISSA Master Trainer Certification
  • Master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness
  • Fitness Manager at 24 Hour Fitness
  • Co-coaching Hannah Hartman, to become an (IFBB) Pro Bodybuilder
  • Train Pro MMA Fighters and Pro Bodybuilders

Throughout this journey, I have gained vast expertise in designing goal-specific and result-oriented training programs for our clients – while supporting their lifestyle and nutritional habits.